24 April 2023

six of crows review

What's the easiest way to steal a man's wallet?" "Knife to the throat?" asked Inej. "Gun to the back?" said Jesper. "Poison in his cup?" suggested Nina. "You're all horrible," said Matthias.

I really really love this squad. I love them so so much! They are a bunch of miserable people with powerful skills that are super effective in their own way. I know this book supposed to be dangerous but they are super duper coooool! Before I rant about all my favourite things in details, let me tell you about what this book is about. Well, it's obviously about six misfits going on a deadly heist with a promising lavish lifestyle after that. They are Kaz -- the leader, Inej the Wraith, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan. They are going to break into the most insanely dangerous prison! I never felt so nervous about reading a book before. But this one completely got my sanity lost intact. Leigh Bardugo created such an epic scene and the world set up is fantastic despite the dark and moody vibes. Don't expect a rainbow in this book cause it's full of crap and criminals and treacherous thingy, but still, there's an irresistible romance and precious moments as well.

First of all, I am so amazed about how Leigh build the Ice Court, the safety protocol, the design of the place etc. Like what and how did she get an idea to do the setting? When Kaz and his crew are planning to enter the Ice Court, I keep on wondering will they succeed? Will everyone gonna be safe? Ain't nobody gonna die? So many thoughts for it cause hell, I'm not ready to mourn for any of them. Thus why I cannot wait to turn the pages quickly. I need to know what will happen and silently wishing for their safety. I know it sounds crazy but I did that. When the time has come, when they have reached their destination, I couldn't stay still, as you know, wondering if everything's gonna be okay or vice versa. It's so intense to the point you wanna skip to the last page haha but please don't do it cause you will miss the essence of this book.

What makes this book so interesting is the characters. I'm sorry but favouritism has no place in this book. I love them equally because each one of them is so precious, yeah, despite the fact that they are of rebellious and mischievous. Be it the revengeful Kaz, or the miserable Inej, or Nina the betrayer, I still couldn't choose. But at the beginning, I am so pissed off with Matthias actually. He is such a pain the ass. He annoyingly hates Nina though it's obvious he is so all over her and him never the "adorable" one thus the reason why it hards for me to like him. But surprisingly, there's this one line in the book that automatically makes me like him. It just few minutes before that I was cursing at him lol. As for Jesper and Wylan, the banter between them makes the humorous part of this book. Wylan is such a little munchkin!! I don't know what's going on between them but Jesper always annoyed with Wylan in a cute way. Really cute way!! And honestly, I don't know Jesper is gay until I watch the book review on Youtube. Like did any of that mentioned in the book? Or did I just miss out the character's traits?

Each of the characters has a distinct background. The author has put depths into her people by doing a flashback from the past for them. It's what I appreciate the most. During their journey on the sea, I love how they talk to each other to become closer; between Kaz and Inej, between Nina and Matthias, between Jesper and Wylan. They all take the moment to reveal their deepest secret. And again for the hundred times, I really really really ship their bonding situation. Tell me how can I choose only one of them?! From hatred to accepting each other, just how lovely and precious is that?!

I know my review might be overdramatic but it's what I feel about the book. If you asked me to reread it again, I definitely will with no second thought at all. It gives you numerous feelings; nervous, melancholic, happy, angry and all that. Six of Crows supposed to be an adventurous and brutal read. But to me, the content is so much more than that. About life, love and hate, the choices that we make, the people we choose to be with us and how we're gonna deal with those that await us.

Last but not least, just to let you know, it's okay to read Six of Crows duology if you haven't read the Grishaverse trilogy. This book can stand alone and you won't be confused with the plot. I truly recommend you to read this cause it worth the hype and you will love it. You will love the book, you will love all the characters and the author as well. And I can't wait for the series to start the show on Netflix!

18 April 2023

obelix hills jogjakarta

This year I had the chance to visit Yogyakarta with my family and it was one of the best vacations for me because I did something for myself this time and it kinda amazed me. We had a hectic flight journey from Miri to Kuala Lumpur and continue Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta the next day. The flight to Yogyakarta took around 3 hours to arrive so I dozed off during the entire journey. Mengantuk plus my seat was in the middle jadi sik dapat maok ambik gambar awan berjuta igek. Mun sik nang penuh gambar awan jak dalam tepon. Padahal sama jak rupa semua. Pun mejal mok snap banyak kali.

The procedure for entering Indonesia is quite different now. Sebelum tok macam sik perlu jak mok declare family or how many people you are travel with, but now you have to do it once you arrived at the airport. The most important thing, like penting yang amat, you need to declare your mobile phone. Siktauklah declares ka apa but its called imei registration. You surely don't want to let this slip away unless you can afford international roaming. Read more about it here How To Register The Imei Mobile Phone In Indonesia.

Yogyakarta is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and it seems quite famous among travelers sebab I often see people share their itinerary of this place and it looks amazing. Yogyakarta is basically a small town tapi padat dengan penduduk and it has many heritage buildings and monuments. Healing places pun banyak. Tinggal pilih jak mok ke sine. But most of the attractions are way way far from the city like if you wanna go this one place, it will take like one hour and more to arrive. So yeah, prepare all your things and don't leave anything behind.

Without further ado, I will share the places we visited while in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur Temple

candi borobudur

This temple is located in central java. I think dari tengah kota to this place took like almost 2 hours to arrive. It is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world and since benda tok quite jarang di tengok, so it becomes one of a must-visit place bila datang ke Yogyakarta.

Obelix Hills

obelix hills jogjakarta

I don't know why am I so excited about this place. The moment we arrived here, voila, the place is freaking wonderful. Owner tempat tok memang kreatif giler. Everything yang nampak pada mata kasar semuanya perfect. Tapi belakang tabir says sik pasti lah. Especially bila hujan like how fast can the staff run to save the bean cushion?! Obelix Hills is located at Dusun Klumprit, Wukiharjo, Prambanan, Sleman. Do come here in the evening and you will get such a superb nature view!

Gondola Pantai Timang

I saw people going here in TikTok so I suggest this place to my cousin yang polah our travel itinerary. Walaupun hanya sekadar pantai, but trust me its worth paying a visit to this place. You will be surprised betapa seronoknya perjalanan ke sitok. I love it walaupun sakit badan. This beach is a bit far and I will need another entry for a full story about our journey here.

Heha Ocean View & Heha Sky View

heha sky view jogjakarta

These two places basically have the same concept but it offers a different view and different vibes. As obvious as the name is, you will get the ocean view at HOV and the sky view at the HSV. I would recommend visiting it in the evening and getting the sunset view and extending your stay until night at Heha Sky View cause you will be able to see the night city light from there.

Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

keraton palaca

It's a sultan palace. It's one of the must-visit places when in Yogyakarta. But sadly we were not able to explore more of the palace sebab ada construction sedikit katanya. The staff there took us untuk tengok kereta-kereta diraja zaman dolok marek jak. And yes walaupun setakat ya ajak, but it's quite amazing to see all those thing.

We were there for five days and all that I've listed are the only places we visited. There are still more attractions in Yogyakarta tapi sik sempat mok cover semua. Maybe next time! I will write the long version of each journey in a different entry. Till here then! x

The Garden Of Uncertainty
Photo by Vladimir Vinogradov on Unsplash

So I would like to write about this garden of uncertainty. Actually, I know nothing about it, I have zero ideas about it until I befriend a stranger from Tinder and he shares the quotes below with me. 

“If you can’t do anything about it then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.”

Sadly our perkenalan was a quick one and he left after a few conversations. His quotes basically put me into curiosity mode. I read the quotes many times and wondered am I a prisoner? If I am a prisoner, what kind of crime Ive committed? Fikir punya fikir I finally got the answer. Indeed, I am a prisoner and the crime I've committed is keeping a bunch of false hope and I am unconsciously creating a garden of uncertainty in me. I am making myself a hostage and it steers me into complete chaos.

Do you know why and how it is related? It starts with an authentic hope but ends up being something toxic that infected the mind. Keeping a false hope means keeping something rotten in you. It's the easiest perumpamaan and paling mudah difahami. I tend to do it all the time. Though I know I won't be able to change anything about something, like that thing has zero possibility, I still wanna keep it in me and believe that one day it will eventually change when the fact that it cant. Dasar bengkeng sik bertempat. Sik kira lah tentang apa sekalipun, I always have it bottled up in me and end up hurting myself. Letting go is harder thus why I refused to do that.

The funny thing is, sometimes we exactly know the answer we seek but we are in complete denial, refusing to admit the truth. The more we keep the habit, the bigger the garden grows. So what's the point? I imagine myself strolling around the garden I've created, seeing all the things that hurt me everywhere like wilted roses, do you think it makes me happy? Of course not. That's why I chose to burn the entire ground and plant something better. I want something more pleasant, lively, and full of butterflies. It will be the core of my entire system as a human being and I really need a change. If I don't, it's not only the inner me but the whole me that will be wrecked.

The garden of uncertainty is something we all cannot have in life. Learn to let go of something we can't change and believe that there's more for us out there that we still haven't discovered yet. Don't waste time on something worthless. x

life update
Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Lamak gila dah sik bukak blog tok. Kamek rasa mun blog tok sebuah rumah, confirm dah jadi salah satu property yang berhantu. Life has been good lately (ada juak yang not good but i choose to be blind and deaf about it hehe). Banyak yang mok diceritakan thus why im back here. Harap idea penulisan ya sentiasa ada jak lah. Lelah juak mun mala kenak writer's block. Padahal bukan cerita rekaan tapi susahnya mok polah ayat rasa macam jawab kertas spm jak heheh.

I'm going to update about my travel journey to Jogjakarta and Surabaya, my personal growth progress, books I've finished reading, my thoughts about uncertainty and other things which i ada update the quick version on instagram, about what's going on with my life (i ada kenak scam abam pulis uolls) and everything that I could remember. Banyak juak yang mok di share dalam blog yet i don't know why i couldn't make it until here. 

I am writing this while listening to lofi playlist and its already midnight. A new day has started. Raya is just around the corner. And its already mid-april. Phew lajunya masa. I gotta fill my days with more good things, more positive things, and just everything good. Though I know its impossible to be happy and feel good all the time, but its not a crime to try my best kan. Sikkan lah mok sedih ajak. Boringnya hidup. Sik dapat polah real outdoor activities, sik apa. Kita camping online, berbasikal online, mandik sungai online and so on hahah. This year I really wanna spend more time with nature and do more outdoor activities. Tapi sik ada geng. I need a new circle but how? Ada ka yang maok kawan dengan amateur macam saya tok? What a sad question!

It's okay. I will try to figure it out myself later. Jangan jak mood introvert datang balit. Bukan main jak semangat kelak dah diajak benar alu rasa menyesal. Biasaaaa diaaa. Tapi hakikatnya seketul introvert memang macam ya. But I'm trying to change myself at least lah to ambivert. Middle range homosapiens. Till here then. x

17 April 2023

self love tips
Photo by Nong V on Unsplash

Today I was running some errands for myself and once done I decide to raon tanpa tujuan, simply driving and following where my heart takes me. It's therapeutic to drive at a slow pace while listening to my favorite song. And today my brilliant brain is telling me something wise. It's some kind of magic spell to undo the self-sabotaging habit of feeling worthless. Sometimes I do feel that way, feel bad about myself and get upset about it. It's a self-destructive habit and not healthy for the mind. It's actually the thought itself yang worthless bah. Why did it take me forever to realize that huh?

As for this moment, I now acknowledge myself as someone way way way more precious and valuable. It's not only me. But every single homosapiens does. Even if no one thinks that way of me, I will keep doing it for myself no matter what. Yes, I used to think that I need someone to tell me that I am worthy, that I am good enough. But hey, why the heck should I get recognition and validation from someone to feel worthy when I can actually do it myself kan. It's called self-love bah. What did I do to myself all this time?

I really need to upgrade my self-love skills. I need to believe and have faith in myself more. It may sound easy but the process is quite difficult for me since I have been dealing with low-self esteem for years and it's only now I learn the magic of self-love. The more I think about the way to feel good and have a quality life, the more I figure things out. It slowly unfolds the misery in me and letting go the negative energy in me. I love the fact that I am making progress with my inner self and I am always looking forward to seeing how it will change me into a better me. x

03 December 2022

I no longer want to correct people. Even though they might be right or wrong, I will not say anything and just gonna keep my mouth shut. I am hated for correcting people when I know they are doing something incorrectly. I have been told as someone who thinks I am perfect enough that I can fix their mistakes. That was absolutely not the truth and I never said that I am perfect. But just because I spit out the truth, I become the toxic person.

It makes me think again whether my action is toxic or if they are the ones who are toxic and refused to admit their mistakes. It reminds me of being gaslighted and that my words are being twisted and manipulated. Knowing that I might experience the same thing again and gonna trigger my trauma, I decided to leave the thoughts alone. I definitely not and don't want to be in the trap again.

I'm glad the Wednesday film is out and grateful that I spend my time watching it. I've learned something from the main character. Don't give a fuck about people and just do your things. Let them do whatever they want as long as they don't break into your privacy. Well, I think that is clever enough how to deal with humans. I also realized that talking to people like that actually won't affect them and I am just wasting my time trying to fix or correct others.

Rather than having a stupid argument and putting me in agony while the other side is being effortless, I might just do the same and ignore the ignorance. That's it. I hope I can be more resilient and adapt to my new character traits. I don't want to deal with humans anymore. I will just do me and let them do theirs. Enough.

07 June 2022

pocheon art valley

It was my friend's idea to visit the Pocheon Art Valley. We have planned about it one day earlier, again, without any full information bout how to go there, which bus to ride, etc. We woke up around six in the morning, getting ready and feeling enthusiastic enough to start our journey out of Seoul. Pocheon Art Valley was actually an old abandoned rock quarry that has turned into a park where you can wander around and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from that place. It's a home devoted to art and culture and the greatness of nature. 

I barely can recall our journey but as far as I could remember, we took a bus somewhere from the heart of Seoul to this one place probably Myeongdong or Dongdaemun and arrived at another unknown place. We stopped by the CU mart to topup our T-money and start looking for another bus that gonna take us right to Pocheon city. We were kinda lost since we don't know what bus to ride and we tried asking people around there but sadly they can't really understand us. So we had to read whatever word in hangul on the notice board at the bus stop and also had to translate them using google translate. We did go back and forth from one bus stop to another opposite bus stop to make sure the route to Pocheon Art Valley is correct. Sumpah opening gila masa ni dan rasa nak give up.

With 50-50 percent confidence, we picked up the bus and start the journey again. I don't really remember how minutes was the ride, but we decided to get down on the side road that has a signboard that mentioned our destiny. So yeah why not just proceed with it. We were so sure about it but turned out we had to walk over around another 45 minutes to really arrive at that place. Luckily the weather wasn't that hot or else I might pass from dehydration!

We actually took the wrong bus! That one went straight to the center of Pocheon city I guess but tak masuk ke kawasan yang menuju ke Pocheon Art Valley. Benda dah jadi so kami proceed berjalan sampai ke penghujung jalan dan finally jumpa ke tempat yang dicari. Fuhh nasib baik. Bila dah lepas entrance tu aduhai nak kena hiking pulak sebab jalan berbukit. Ahh pasrah! Nasib baik ada bawak air untuk minum. 

Pocheon Art Valley got so many things to offer. With beautiful scenery and cafe, arts and sculptures, walking trails, and spiral stairs, it's the reason why the place has become so famous and a must-visit place when coming to Seoul and Pocheon. 

Since we tried to cut costs and save more money, we refused to take the monorail but took a walk and wander around instead. We went straight to the famous Cheonjoho Lake where the Korean Odyssey and Legend of The Blue Sea has filmed there. The view was stunning and very pure!

Other than the famous lake, there is also an Astronomical Science Centre, Sculpture Park, Sky Park aka observation deck, and a cafe. My favorite place to chill is Sky Park cause from the top I can see the beautiful nature view that calms the stressful heart. Gitu. Serious ah. That moment when the warm breeze blows on my face after exhausting yet exciting journey, I feel like my soul is dancing from the happiness. Somehow I can't believe I was there. Absolutely feel like magic!

Another thing that I love is the forest trails going down from the top next to the cafe. Strolling around before going back is so much fun. If you were to come here, make sure you wear a suitable outfit and drink water. I gotta say Pocheon Art Valley is such a perfect gateway for the weekend. 

05 June 2022

Namsan Seoul Tower is one of the most famous places to visit in South Korea and I can't believe I finally made a memory over there with my best friend. I used to obsess the place from KDrama and always imagine myself being there surrounded by all the love locks. Definitely visualize some romantic scene like accidentally meeting my seoul-mate but in reality, I didn't meet anyone except enjoying myself with the view, the colorful love locks, and catching myself a breath after a long journey to the top. 

The journey I made with my best friend was priceless. Without any preparation and complete information, we took a bus there after a quick reading bout guide to Namsan Tower on Google. It was a bit confusing but we made it. The journey by bus took almost one hour to arrive and when we got there, I was absolutely bewitched. The nature, the people, the tower, the feeling of disbelief of myself finally stepping my foot in a place where I keep watching in KDrama, it felt magical. 

Namsan Tower is stunning especially the view of the mountain and visible Seoul scenery from the top. I have never been to a place like that, so I was so sakai. We went there during winter and the weather was quite cold but still bearable. I truly hope it will snow but sadly I have no luck catching my first fresh snow.

There were so many people around there, especially the local people. I was kind of surprising cause most of those elderly were up to doing hiking activities with friends. Yes most of them were probably in their late 60's or 70's or could be the 80's. I can't believe myself cause taking a stroll over the road there is tiring enough. How did they have so much energy for hiking? 

If I were to come to Seoul again, I will surely come to Namsan Seoul Tower again because.. why not? Instead of coming as a tourist, I wanna try to come like a local doing all the fun activities like hiking or just chilling around instead of admiring the love locks and the view. Just chilling around enjoying the KDrama vibes. Who knows I might meet my seoul-mate? Thereee you go again.

04 June 2022

I gotta say Biore UV Sunscreen Spray is one of my favorite sunscreens. I had never used any sunscreen before I know about the importance of this thing but once I learned about it, I started buying them for myself. I purchased a few from the nearest drugstore and shopee but most of them are quite not efficient for me since I work in the open kitchen, and I sweat all time all day from top to bottom. So yeah, those things won't really stick and save my skin. If it's not making my face oily, it stings my eyes like crazy. That’s why I hate it. I no longer care bout my skin being smashed by the bright sunlight during the day even though I know it's bad. I just don't wanna waste my money. Not until I found Biore UV Sunscreen Spray!

The very first reason why I like this sunscreen is that it's so easy to apply and reapply on my face. And I think it's suitable for me cause it doesn't really make my face oily except when I start sweating.

The texture feels smooth on my skin. It absorbs quick and doesn't leave any white cast like the other sunscreen I ever tried. The bottle is quite big to be kept in a handbag but it's lightweight so for me, the size doesn't really matter.

This sunscreen can be worn on top of makeup kinda like the setting spray. And I gotta say the finishing and texture definitely gonna make your skin look dewy instead of glowing as hell as if you just washed your face with a jar of olive oil.

The result of wearing this might be different for other people. I have a combination of dry and oily skin so it's quite okay for me. 

The cons of using a spray sunscreen are it's not guaranteed that it will give full protection to the skin against the UV ray even though it has an SPF50+ PA+++ rating. I might miss some spots/areas of the skin no matter how much I sprayed them but it's okay for me cause it is still easy to reapply. Maybe I should prepare UV torchlight to check if the sunscreen covered my entire face. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely yes for a rushing mode. 

What's your favorite sunscreen?

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