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Hello, love. I'm Aika, a Sarawakian blogger and a free spirit in the pursuit of simplifying life and finding serenity. I have a soft spot for simple little things and I love red bean steamed buns. ❤︎
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26 November 2023

Reading has always been one of my favourite hobbies. Not everyone can afford to go to many places, but with reading it takes you on wondrous escapism to everywhere; back to the past, to the future, to the wizardry realms and even the world full of knowledge (and ahem a world with the hottest dude). Reading is definitely a legal sorcery everyone can do.

ruthless knight

"You think love is perfect? Like one of those fairytales?" He shakes his head. 

"Hell no. Love is hard…difficult. It’s dealing with someone’s shit day in and day out but never giving up on them because your heart won’t let you. It’s having a million reasons to leave them…but always having one good reason to stay."

Ruthless Knight by Ashley Jade Review

Here comes my honest review of the Ruthless Knight by Ashley Jade. I really enjoy this book. It takes me on a roller coaster of feelings as sometimes it's funny that it makes me laugh, it's sad that it makes me wanna cry along, and it's kinda annoying making me feel like throwing my Kindle away. There is pretty much going on, but I am 98% trapped in the love bubble between Cole and Sawyer. Damn, their love story is so intensely heart-wrenching yet beautiful at the same time. 

Being the hottest dude in the RHA (Royal Heart Academy), Cole Covington ends up being in love with the fat-ass Sawyer Grace. I'm obsessed cause the possibility for this to happen in real life is only 5%. Hell yeah, Ashley Jade knows what kind of 'dreams and imagination' do we need. I won't describe the characters in detail but here's the clue: it's the grumpy vs the sunshine. Just like a typical enemy-to-lover love story that's how their journey begins. Except that it's uniquely intense on its own.

Cole and Sawyer are literally two broken souls seeking real love. From hating each other to liking each other, the banter between them is adorable even though it may be slightly harsh. Cole is carrying a dark history on his shoulder while Sawyer is struggling to deal with her body. They both have their own problem as if the world is about to crumble and everything changes when they start sharing feelings. How would I describe it? There might be a rainbow of happiness, but a storm is still coming upon them. What I love most about things happening in the book is I absolutely love how supportive and thoughtful are the people around Cole and Sawyer. Jace and Bianca are Cole's lifeline while Oakley and Dylan are Sawyer's. Being the siblings and the best friends, they never leave them alone. I would say they are the champs in the entire book despite their traits are actually, you know, somewhat a toxic person but the author still gives everyone a chance to shine.

As for the book itself, the topics revolving around it are relevant enough and are what we deal with in everyday life. Body shaming, suicide, dealing with toxic parents and all kinds of mental-destructing issues are happening in reality, and some of us surely are struggling with all those. Ashley Jade brought it to the table, unfolded every bit and piece of it but tackled it in a good way. There are lessons to be learned, words to be pondered and everything that makes us feel better again. 

I encouraged whoever stumbled upon this review to read the book. Trust me you won't regret especially the lovey-dovey scene between Cole and Sawyer tehee!

The Synopsis

Welcome to their kingdom...

Cole Covington is the most popular heartbreaker at school.

Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to screw him.

Except me.

His devastatingly good looks, golden arm, and flirty smiles don't do it for me anymore...because I know what's lurking underneath the star quarterback's gorgeous armor.

At least I thought I did.

Sometimes the most beautiful people...hide the ugliest truths.

And sometimes the only way to save someone...

is to walk beside them through hell.

Sawyer Church is the bible-thumping nerd of Royal Hearts Academy.

Girls pick on her and guys don't notice her.

Except me.

Sweet, curvy, and sarcastic, she's impossible to ignore.

No matter how much I try.

Everyone at school has her pegged as the chubby, Jesus loving geek, but unlike them—Sawyer's real and never pretends to be someone she's not.

Until I ask her to be my fake girlfriend.

Sometimes the most beautiful souls...hide the greatest pain.

And sometimes the only way to save someone...

is to fight for them.

Title: Ruthless Knight (Royal Heart Academy #2)

Author: Ashley Jade

Publication Date: January 23, 2020

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

─── .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ─── 

What is your current reading?

06 October 2023

Hello, earthlings. The second chapter of the Little Joys series is here. This week feels like a roller coaster, really. My emotion is driving me crazy as I'm about to get my period of the month. I literally cry and am sensitive for nothing. But actually it's quite funny bah sebab macam tetiba jak nangis paduhal the next day ya mok period rupanya. It's like I got my period alarm lol. Another alarm is the migraine attack. I freaking hate it when that happens. Luckily it's not that bad. Well, despite the ups and downs, let's see the little rainbows I had for the week.

The little and simple moments of our everyday lives contain a tapestry of beauty. They serve as gentle reminders in the midst of life's chaos, providing us with solace, connection, and a profound sense of meaning. Here's to another collection of everyday magic; the little joys, that add sparkle to my days:

일. Got an early birthday gift from my stepmom; perfume and jade bangle.

이. Upgrading my phone from iPhone x to iPhone 14 Pro. I really love taking photos with my phone!

삼. Witnessing fiery sunsets and pastel skies every day since I went for after-work running.

사. Had matcha shaved ice and loaded fries topped with chicken bolognese sauce at MyKori. It's so good!

오. Clean and organized room.

육. Starting to love black coffee again.

칠. Challenged myself to another 15-minute run without stopping.

팔. Daily text conversation with boyfriend.

구. Shiba Inu cutie smiles. If I could, I would definitely adopt one!

십. Mammatus look alike cloud!

─── .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ─── 

 What are the little things that bring you joy lately?

05 October 2023

canning dimsum

Last Sunday, my siblings and I were having some dim sum at Canning Dim Sum, Imperial Palace Hotel Miri. My sister saw the recommendation from people on Facebook and said she wanted to try them out so we went there around 1130am. Upon arriving at our destination, I'm quite impressed with the place. It has a pleasant and soothing ambiance which is definitely suitable for everyone; a good spot to have a morning breakfast with family, friends or that special person.

The ordering process, however, was somewhat perplexing. We had to wait for another waiter to arrive and bring us a few dim sum suggestion boxes after the waitress who was serving us had taken our drink orders. We chose few dim sum from what he brought us on the table and then my sister and I got us a caramel pudding, mango pudding and four steamed buns with different fillings from the display case.

canning dimsum miri

The dim sum were all good and tasty. But it was quite disappointing when it comes to the steamed bun. Let me tell you, steamed bun are one of my favorite thing in the world. But sad to say all that I've tried here were kinda underwhelming. It may be perfect and tasty for others but for me, I kinda dislike the filling except the bun itself, its extremely soft and I super like it.

The caramel pudding was excellent. I like the sweet bitter-ish taste of the caramel sauce and the silky soft texture of the pudding. I would definitely go for it again. As for the mango pudding, my siblings finished it all before I even had the chance to taste it lol. 

On top of all, I would still love to have my dim sum session at this place again and absolutely will go for their caramel pudding since I have yet to find another restaurant that serves the dish this well.

29 September 2023

Tomas Jasovsky unsplash

Hello, loves. This is the very first episode of the Little Joys series in my blog. It takes me a while to acknowledge that these quiet miracles have brought warm fuzzies into my life and brightened my days. I realize that the content/happy feeling is not solely found in grand gestures but often resides in the tender details of our everyday existence. I admit that I always overlooked the comfort it brings to my entire life and instead of being grateful for the things given to me, I am questioning about the things that haven't happened yet. After taking some time to self-reflect, I decided to begin writing this chapter, to start counting my blessings regularly and document them so I can read them back during the sad days or whenever I feel like losing myself.

These pockets of happiness act as gentle reminders that amidst life's hustle and bustle, there exists a tapestry of beauty in the small and simple moments that provide us with comfort, connection, and a profound sense of meaning. Here's to another collection of everyday magic; the little joys, that add sparkle to my days:

일. I had a great time with my boyfriend. We spent those two precious days going to Miri Bike Week, having meals together, hunting for durian tembaga, and watching new-release movies at the cinema; The Equalizer 3 and Blue Bettle. Since we are in a long-distance relationship, getting a chance to meet him always makes me feel over the moon. It's a lovely day!

이. Found a restaurant that serves the best lamb chop in town at a reasonable price. The meat was so tender and the gravy was tasty. Definitely will repeat it again.

삼. I began the running routine again and was finally able to break my own record for the first time ever; I managed to run for 10 minutes without stopping. Believe me, I never done that before. 

사. Bought new artificial yellow tulips and a white lily of the valley for my desk.

오. I finished reading Twisted Love by Ana Huang and am currently on a slow reading for the second sequel.

육. Of the full moon, splendid fiery sunset, and pastel skies.

칠. New blog setup. I purchased a new theme from SimplyTheStudio and super love it.

팔. Investing in a few makeup stuff and going to start learning the art of changing my look. Well, I am never into this thing and I'm happy that it finally rings.

구. Dad bought me one of my favourite fruit which is buah terap.

십. The entire day with rain brought a cool yet comfortable breeze after long hot and humid days. 

─── .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ───

What are the little things that bring you joy lately?

26 September 2023

blog setup blogging

The weather today is extremely cozy to the point of making me wanting to lay down on my bed and wrap myself in the velvety super comfy blanket. I keep yawning endlessly! The cold breeze, the sound of the raindrops and the humming melody of the car on the wet street, damn so perfect. Living in Malaysia, the weather are mainly hot and humid all the time, so when it rains, its like winning a lottery. Everyone will be happy and gratitude feelings are thrown away like a confetti.

I am much happier with my blog setup now. The color shade, the theme itself, it's warm and feels like even more a safe place to spill my thoughts. I have made few changes especially in the categories section which is fully inspired from other blogger and I love it! Here what you can browse around if you ever stumbled upon my tiny little site.

Little Joys — Mainly focus on my gratitude list and will be update every Friday.

Serene Sunday — Let's chill and spill everything from the brain inbox before you forget kind of day.

Travel — I love travel and I gotta write where I left my footsteps for the sake of memories.

Books — Sharing session about books I have read.

Journal — Daily diarium of what I did, what I feel etc.

Musing O'Clock — The aftermath of self-reflection.

Foodgasm — Foods and foods!

Self-Care Center — Grouping everything here; haircare, skincare and any personal care stuff.

100 Tips — Sharing the tips and hacks that is tested and personally approved.

Playlist — Sometimes I forgot what is once my favourite music, thus why this section exist.

I will try my best to commit on the writing as blogging used to be one of my hobby. It has been almost 15 years since I start blogging for the first time. I never stick to one name and keep changing them severely. I named this blog 0029am; a letter to life because I often drowning in thoughts at midnight and have a trouble to sleep, and yeah, it's where the idea come from. This blog probably will be here even after 10 years and by that time I will go down memory lane to read how was my life before. The reminisce moments would definitely be priceless. Till here then!  

25 September 2023

It's Monday, the most hated day among the others. Monday isn't fair and absolute cheater. It's way too far from Friday yet Friday is very close to Monday. How is it possible? Well, it was a good day after all except that there was no sunset. The cloud is hiding it from me. I spent the evening going for a run from 6pm to 7pm and I am trying to make it a routine which I already started the previous week. 

I decided to pick up this new habit when a massive sense of guilt for eating more than I should have been haunting me. I started doing the calorie-deficit diet last December and stopped the routine in May and it has been on hiatus for almost 4 months. Damn, I have lost almost 10kg during that time and gain another 5kg now. It's very frustrating how my effort has gone to waste due to my own silly mistake. How could I say no to food when everything seems to comfort me more than anything? :')

Glad the realization kicked in fast before it's too late. I never want to go back to my previous weight so whatever it is, I really need to push myself again this time. Cutting off the endless snacks, the sugary drinks, and portioning my meals correctly. I did this before and I will do it again.

The thing that makes me happy and proud of myself today is I managed to do the circle run twice without stopping. Been pushing myself all the way till I reach the finish line. For someone quite heavy like me, running is damn exhausting and such a pain in the ass hence that little achievement is enough to make me feel content and over the moon. Yeay!

Of yellow flowers, purple flowers, pink flowers, and the waxing gibbous moon. Monday is a happy day. Till here then!

24 September 2023

que sera, sera

It's almost the end of the year and I am feeling frustrated with myself more than ever. This blog is still empty. The domain was supposed to be out in June since I am planning to completely resign from this blogging world but apparently, the domain has been renewed automatically for two freaking years by the domain hosting company that I subscribed to. I don't want to continue it actually but I guess this blog still wants me to be part of it so yeah, I will try to start writing again and turn this blog alive and not dead.

Life has been pretty good despite a few times I feel like drowning. The act of appreciating and embracing the little things around me has changed me a lot. It calms the endless chaos in my entire body and keeps my sanity intact. I love staring at the blue skies more than ever now. At the same time, I will play a little search-a-rainbow game and it levels up my dopamine whenever I spot one. It makes me realize that we actually don't need much to make our happy hormones go crazy, instead, we need to be grateful and cherish whatever is in front of us. It is the greatest source of happiness and a peaceful mind. Seek no more.

I'm turning 30 real soon which is unbelievable how fast time flies. I am wondering what the future holds for me; will it be good or will it be another bad series? I know I'm not supposed to worry about it for everything has been written for us but life kinda scares me. It's full of surprises. You don't know if you will laugh your head off or cry your heart out. But yeah, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

I will try my best to make another update soon. I have *ahem* a good feeling about it this time. Till here then, bye! 

28 April 2023

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

I was on a four hours train journey from Yogyakarta to Surabaya when I got myself into a retrospective mode. The entire ride was a soothing one -- full of the green rice paddy field view with warm weather, not that scorching hot but cozy enough to look outside without getting my eyes hurt by the sun. I took the opportunity to let my thoughts wander around and find any topic I could write about as my caption on Instagram. Yes, it's my kinda trick to keep writing. It's not something I do as a forceful habit, but I feel like I need to do it.

So I was thinking about happiness. I used to question myself, is happiness too much to ask for? Is it damn expensive that no matter what I do I will never be able to get it? Or is it entitled to some specific people only? Gosh, only god knows how much I've cried for that damn question. I have no idea why I often feel like I don't deserve any of it, even a glimpse of it and sometimes I feel like maybe my life has been cursed. But actually, it's not. It's simply my thoughts and the way I define happiness itself. 

But hey hey the wiser me is here. I believe that happiness is flexible and can vary from person to person and even within a person's own life. What brings happiness to one person may not bring happiness to another, and what brings happiness to someone at one point in their life may not necessarily bring happiness to them at a later point. Thus why I realize that we cannot follow anyone's standard of happiness. We have to create our own based on how we feel about things and our surroundings.

Happiness is also influenced by external factors such as life circumstances, environment, and social support. For example, a person who is going through a difficult time may find it challenging to experience happiness, while someone who has a strong support system may find it easier to cultivate happiness even during challenging times. Life events, personal growth, and shifting priorities can all impact a person's happiness.

So the answer to my forever question is no, happiness is not too much to ask for. It is a fundamental human desire to want to feel happy and fulfilled in life. But we all need to learn that even little things can give us a bunch of joy. We hold the power to decide and choose what will make us happy. It may cost nothing at all or maybe an entire star in the galaxy. Learn to be grateful as well since gratitude and happiness are closely linked to each other. Once we feel enough, surely the content heart will follow. 

27 April 2023

kuala kubu bharu selangor

I don't know what has gotten into me but I've been craving for some adrenaline-rush activities lately. Mungkin pembawaan umur dah nak masuk 30 kot hahaha. I didn't get a chance to do much of outdoor activities during my twenties so I guess it's not too late to start the adventure is it? It's only the beginning.

As soon we were back from Indonesia, my father decides to stay for three days in Kuala Lumpur before heading back to Sarawak. I was thinking about what kind of thing I could do in KL other than window shopping? Cause duh, it's obviously boring since I'm not a shopping person. Unless ada benda dicarik then I will go for mall-hopping. My heart is telling me to try tandem paragliding since I saw a lot of videos about that thing on TikTok. I did some research about how far is the place from KL, how much would it cost, and what things I need in order to be there and challenge myself.

So I asked my siblings, do they wanna join me for some adventure? Luckily they said yes. Mun sik  hurm berhuhu jaklah aku. If dekat I will definitely go alone but since it's too far I'm a bit scared to do it solo. Takut sesat ke tempat lain lol. I am afraid of heights and I am always scared to try new things. But this time, I'm proud of myself sebab berjaya overcoming my fears. *patting myself* Tandem paragliding is one of the most adventurous things I have ever done and I manage to secure it before I'm turning 30 hihi. Bucketlist checked!

The Booking Process

Before heading to KKB (Kuala Kubu Bharu), I already booked a slot for 5 pax at 1030am with pihak KKB Paragliding. The number is provided on their page and its easy to deal with them. Great service, no hassle at all. 

The Waiting Game

We arrived early at Taman Millenium and we have to wait a bit lama lah. Once all the certified pilot has come, everything is prepared, make bermulalah perjalanan ke atas bukit. Me and my cousin were so excited that we decide to jump over the truck and duduk di belakang, ignoring the scorching hot sun. Damn panas lit lit tapi demi secebis pengalaman, redah aje. Once in a lifetime kan. Rentung pun rentung lah. Sampai je dekat atas memang sah lah macam sakai. Photoshoot sana photoshoot sini sambil tunggu turn sebab ada another adrenaline junkie yang slot awal. I was damn excited and nervous at the same time. 

tandem paragliding

Flying In The Sky

My certified pilot is abang napi. I'm glad that I don't feel awkward with him walaupun hakikatnya pemalu nauzubillah. But I made it for real! It's a chilling activity actually. Kena lari sikit je sebelum terbang but the running process was quite funny. Nasib bait crocs amek sik tercabut hahah. Gliding over the beautiful view under the bright blue sky, it's priceless. Never did I feel regret daring myself to do this thing. Awalnya tenang ribut jiwa rupanya ada yang simpan dendam. I made a mistake asking abang napi to do the spin. He asked me, nak ke? And I freaking said yes! Sebab macam sik best lah kan rilek chilling macam ya ajak. So I dare myself for the spin. And that was a huge mistake!

No wonder lah the spin ni di buat time dah nak landing. I was screaming like there's no tomorrow when my certified pilot did the spin like he wanted to throw me off the ground from that ketinggian entah berapa meter entah. Of course it was fun but i terus pening and rasa mok muntah. Like seriously i feel like vomiting. I diam sekejap sebab if i talked, confirm uwekkk. And guess what he said after that? Hah ambik nak sangat spin kan. Rasalahhh. Fine can't blame him pun cause I request it myself. Padan muka.

tandem paragliding spin

My Verdict

I truly enjoyed the activity. It's worth the money, time and nyawa lol. Cause you never know when bad things can happen is it. But there's nothing to worry about since everything will be handled by the pilot themselves. We just need to follow the guide as per told, run don't jump, and just sit back and enjoy the view. Yang nak acah acah healing tu this activity tersangatlah sesuai. Ko buat buat lupa je ada pilot kat belakang haha. Healing lah engko sorang sorang.

Everything went smoothly. Will I repeat this tandem paragliding? Absolute yes cuma aku sikmaok request spin agik. Mok chill ajak. Jerak amek eh berpusing-pusing atas ya. One thing that I dislike is holding the gopro stick. Sumpah penat tangan nak menahan. Tapi demi sebuah memori di langit, maka terpaksalah kuat kan tangan no matter what.

Tandem Paragliding KKB Details

  • 1 - 2 pax (RM280 seorang)
  • 3 - 5 pax (RM260 seorang)
  • 6 pax and above (RM250 seorang)

*Flat rate on weekdays - RM25O

Package included:
  • Full equipment
  • Video during flight (GoPro)
  • Transportation to take off (4x4)
  • Internal protection coverage
  • Flight duration 5 - 10 mins (subject to weather)

More details boleh tengok dekat page mereka okay. Run bestie! Book your slot!

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