Biore UV Spray Review

I gotta say Biore UV Sunscreen Spray is one of my favorite sunscreens. I had never used any sunscreen before I know about the importance of this thing but once I learned about it, I started buying them for myself. I purchased a few from the nearest drugstore and shopee but most of them are quite not efficient for me since I work in the open kitchen, and I sweat all time all day from top to bottom. So yeah, those things won't really stick and save my skin. If it's not making my face oily, it stings my eyes like crazy. That’s why I hate it. I no longer care bout my skin being smashed by the bright sunlight during the day even though I know it's bad. I just don't wanna waste my money. Not until I found Biore UV Sunscreen Spray!

The very first reason why I like this sunscreen is that it's so easy to apply and reapply on my face. And I think it's suitable for me cause it doesn't really make my face oily except when I start sweating.

The texture feels smooth on my skin. It absorbs quick and doesn't leave any white cast like the other sunscreen I ever tried. The bottle is quite big to be kept in a handbag but it's lightweight so for me, the size doesn't really matter.

This sunscreen can be worn on top of makeup kinda like the setting spray. And I gotta say the finishing and texture definitely gonna make your skin look dewy instead of glowing as hell as if you just washed your face with a jar of olive oil.

The result of wearing this might be different for other people. I have a combination of dry and oily skin so it's quite okay for me. 

The cons of using a spray sunscreen are it's not guaranteed that it will give full protection to the skin against the UV ray even though it has an SPF50+ PA+++ rating. I might miss some spots/areas of the skin no matter how much I sprayed them but it's okay for me cause it is still easy to reapply. Maybe I should prepare UV torchlight to check if the sunscreen covered my entire face. 😉

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely yes for a rushing mode. 

What's your favorite sunscreen?