Journey To Namsan Seoul Tower

Namsan Seoul Tower is one of the most famous places to visit in South Korea and I can't believe I finally made a memory over there with my best friend. I used to obsess the place from KDrama and always imagine myself being there surrounded by all the love locks. Definitely visualize some romantic scene like accidentally meeting my seoul-mate but in reality, I didn't meet anyone except enjoying myself with the view, the colorful love locks, and catching myself a breath after a long journey to the top. 

The journey I made with my best friend was priceless. Without any preparation and complete information, we took a bus there after a quick reading bout guide to Namsan Tower on Google. It was a bit confusing but we made it. The journey by bus took almost one hour to arrive and when we got there, I was absolutely bewitched. The nature, the people, the tower, the feeling of disbelief of myself finally stepping my foot in a place where I keep watching in KDrama, it felt magical. 

Namsan Tower is stunning especially the view of the mountain and visible Seoul scenery from the top. I have never been to a place like that, so I was so sakai. We went there during winter and the weather was quite cold but still bearable. I truly hope it will snow but sadly I have no luck catching my first fresh snow.

There were so many people around there, especially the local people. I was kind of surprising cause most of those elderly were up to doing hiking activities with friends. Yes most of them were probably in their late 60's or 70's or could be the 80's. I can't believe myself cause taking a stroll over the road there is tiring enough. How did they have so much energy for hiking? 

If I were to come to Seoul again, I will surely come to Namsan Seoul Tower again because.. why not? Instead of coming as a tourist, I wanna try to come like a local doing all the fun activities like hiking or just chilling around instead of admiring the love locks and the view. Just chilling around enjoying the KDrama vibes. Who knows I might meet my seoul-mate? Thereee you go again.

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