Late Breakfast at Canning Dim Sum, Miri

canning dimsum

Last Sunday, my siblings and I were having some dim sum at Canning Dim Sum, Imperial Palace Hotel Miri. My sister saw the recommendation from people on Facebook and said she wanted to try them out so we went there around 1130am. Upon arriving at our destination, I'm quite impressed with the place. It has a pleasant and soothing ambiance which is definitely suitable for everyone; a good spot to have a morning breakfast with family, friends or that special person.

The ordering process, however, was somewhat perplexing. We had to wait for another waiter to arrive and bring us a few dim sum suggestion boxes after the waitress who was serving us had taken our drink orders. We chose few dim sum from what he brought us on the table and then my sister and I got us a caramel pudding, mango pudding and four steamed buns with different fillings from the display case.

canning dimsum miri

The dim sum were all good and tasty. But it was quite disappointing when it comes to the steamed bun. Let me tell you, steamed bun are one of my favorite thing in the world. But sad to say all that I've tried here were kinda underwhelming. It may be perfect and tasty for others but for me, I kinda dislike the filling except the bun itself, its extremely soft and I super like it.

The caramel pudding was excellent. I like the sweet bitter-ish taste of the caramel sauce and the silky soft texture of the pudding. I would definitely go for it again. As for the mango pudding, my siblings finished it all before I even had the chance to taste it lol. 

On top of all, I would still love to have my dim sum session at this place again and absolutely will go for their caramel pudding since I have yet to find another restaurant that serves the dish this well.

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