Si Anak Cahaya Review

si anak cahaya review
Buku-buku yang kita baca, orang-orang yang kita dengarkan, perkumpulan yang kita ikuti, akan membentuk perangai kita hingga tega melakukan apa pun. – Bapak
I present you with the first Indonesian literature that I ever purchased. But this one ain’t my first read cause I ever read other books by Hamka and I immediately fall in love with their writing language. I mean, it is a bit different than Malay novel and I enjoy reading and acah-acah pronounce the words in their accent. In my opinion, the depth of the words, and the way it sounds, are very soulful and give you a goosebump. I like it, I like how poetic it is.

Si Anak Cahaya is written by Tere Liye or Darwis (his real name), an Indonesian author from Lahat, South Sumatera. Some of his masterpice includes Hafalan Shalat Delisa, Bidadari-Bidadari Surga, Moga Bunda Disayang Allah dan Rembulan Tenggelam Di Wajahmu. Hafalan Shalat Delisa has been adapted as movie and there are more of his writings.


“Nama kau Nurmas, itu nama yang indah sekali. Nur itu cahaya, mas atau emas itu logam mulia yang berharga. Aku harap, suatu saat cahaya dan kemuliaan kau akan menyatu, berkilauan.”

Buku ini tentang Nurmas, si anak cahaya yang memiliki petualangan masa kecil yang penuh keceriaan dan menakjubkan. Apa yang sebenarnya dilakukan oleh Nurmas hingga penduduk seluruh kampung selalu mengingat kejadian yang membuatnya resmi dipanggil si anak cahaya?

Dari puluhan buku Tere Liye, serial buku ini adalah mahkotanya.

Published Date: December, 2018 | Publisher: Republika

Si Anak Cahaya Review

First of all, I have no regret buying this book. The cover got my attention the most so basically this book was chosen based on its skin. It is my first piece of literature from Tere Liye and I gotta admit that his writing is beautiful. Nothing drives me mad except trying to understand certain words that I don’t familiar with. But that ain’t really a big deal since I can google up the meaning of the words or simply ask my Indonesian squads. Everything else is just fine.

I finish the book with a content heart! The story truly reminds me of my childhood and my best friends. Except that I am not heroic like Nurmas and my best friends and I never go to farms together. Their friendship is what I would say to-die-for cause they stick together like glue and are always there for each other through thick and thin. My favorite scenes in the book are definitely when the four of them do things together because I can imagine the exciting moments they had especially when they are all silly and funny. Their traits are way so similar to my best friends and I can relate to each one of them!

I love that the content of the book is loaded with moral values and it all starts with Nurmas. From honesty to loyalty to braveness to being grateful for little things and more. It’s what I currently need in my life right now. Not saying I lack those traits but I am in need of something to knock me off so I can appreciate life better. Not everyone sees the little things as something to be cherished and some only focus only the huge and grand things thus this book will make you realize that living a moderate life is also a blessing.

Impressive enough how the author tries to connect the wise point to each scene which automatically makes Nurmas the best girl in town. Yeah, it seems overrated but it has to be her since the book is about her journey. Everyone admires her and it’s hilarious when her best friends’ parents keep on saying “apa pun yang dilakukan anak gadisnya Yahid, ikuti. biar kalian bisa belajar” every single time when they want to follow whatever Nurmas is doing. They even willingly accompany Nurmas in everything.

When it comes to a family issue, I gotta say there are a few parts that literally makes me shed tears. Her family bonding is strong enough that it could break a stone. The moment when her parents said she will always be the special daughter in the house despite the newborn of her little brother really touched me. Well, we all know parents who only love 4 out of their 5 children. I really don't understand when someone has to be a black sheep in a family. Why cant they love their children equally?

Reading this book feels like reading 5 books at the same time. The plot is still moving on the same track but you get to experience a myriad journey with Nurmas which finally builds her character up until she is deserved and is entitled to be called Si Anak Cahaya. Hilarious, meaningful, and such a page-turner. When I say hilarious, I really mean it. Tere Liye really knows how to joke around and tickle his reader!

Rating: ★★★★★


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