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I just purchased a new wallet for myself yeay. It's a mini croco-effect wallet in black colour by Charles & Keith. I've been looking for a small size wallet since I love to keep it minimal and this brand happens to have a xxs size which suits my preference. I gotta say the quality of this brand is quite nice and durable. My previous Charles & Keith purse, also I think in a xxs or maybe xs size, finally cracks up after maybe three years of using it. It's not really that bad though. I would say the condition is still 9/10 even though they are using faux leather.
mini purse charles and keith

The shipping and delivery period from Singapore - Malaysia - Miri took less than one week. I was worried it won't arrive at the address mentioned cause they shipped it via Aramex and they didn't even mention the second courier who takes over the parcel. I only receive a text message saying the parcel is out for delivery, but I have no idea where it is lol. Turn out I receive the parcel from GDex.

So this purse has six card slots, one cash compartment, one zip compartment for coins and snap button closure. I don't take much cash with me since I'd rather go cashless. As for the cards, I just put my identity card, driving license, debit card and membership card for groceries shopping. I'm not rich so yeah, one bank card is enough. But I'm planning to create a Maybank account just for a backup. 

Would that coin compartment be enough? No and no, I won't use them at all. I have a coin bag for coins and my other important-but-not-so-important cards. Also in a mini size as well. I used to love the long purse, but I'd rather sacrifice them with all kind of harta karun I bring in my handbag. Plus I don't have much to keep in it instead of filling them in with receipts like a garbage bin lol. 

Do you prefer a long purse, short purse or mini purse?


  1. I use a card holder and a coin purse, but the card holder gets most use. I like this one - the croc effect is cute! x

  2. I love small purses! But I like long ones as well as I can dump all my receipts in there haha. Yours is really cute though!

    ereen |

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  4. I love small purses but I really like long ones as well as I can dump all my receipts in there. Yours is really cute though!

    erin |

  5. Busyra prefer mini purse jgk.. sbb mudah bawak..

  6. Cantik mini purse . CCL berkenan dia punya material kulit nampak exclusive sangat . Kecil comel . Tapi CCL dah terbiasa pakai long purse .


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