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Zarzou Beauty Skincare Review

01 June 2022

I figured that finding suitable skincare feels like gambling since we don't know whether the product will do good or bad to our skin. I mostly purchased all my skincare from Watson or Guardian drugstore cause I never trust any local products and I used to dislike them very much after reading many bad reviews about them. Yes, I do stereotype all of them cause I'm scared of the damage it will do to the skin. That's what I thought and I'm sorry if any of you reading this would disagree with that.

But just like what orang tua selalu cakap, benda yang tak disuka lama-lama akan jadi suka pulak. I finally dare myself to try one of the famous local skincare products that were suggested by my sister and my best friend. It is Zarzou Beauty skincare.

zarzou skincare review

I gotta say I don't regret buying these two combos which are Zarzou Brightening & Hydrating Facial Serum and Zarzou Repairing & Soothing Serum. It works wonders on my skin. I've been using them for months and I could see my acne scars start to disappear. I never missed using them before sleep and has been my night skincare routine cause I am so obsessed with it.

Although I think the price is a little bit pricey for just a small bottle, I don't really mind spending bucks to repurchase them again. The texture is good and it absorbs quickly on the skin. What I love about it is it doesn't have any chemical scent when applied to the skin and it dries fast.

Zarzou skincare proves to me that not all local products are bad and toxic. I would definitely repurchase them once the bottles empty. 

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