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09 March 2024

Procrastination at its best. I'm supposed to update this week ago tapi disebabkan kemalasan yang berpanjangan maka baruk haritok baruk ada bukak blog. Actually, it's not laziness. I'm using most of my free time scrolling over reels on social media macam kenak upah. Truly a waste is it? But I'm reading quotes, poetries.. but the sad one. Well, it's not that I read it because I feel sad or I wanna make myself sad but I'm just obsessed with words, beautiful words written by those talented poets. 

Back to the story, on 15th February, I followed Z to Cococabana Miri sebab dia ada training berlari. Of course I did not run. I didn't bring my shoes and I'm not in mood to do the walk walaupun jauh disudut hati I nak bakar lemak. I wish they could poooof gone just like that without having to put so much effort into it. Ya I know itu hanyalah angan angan mat jenin. Delulu is the solulu katanya. So I end up healing sorang tengok laut, termenung nun jauh tembus sampai planet pluto with myriad thoughts in my head. I lupak. Mun tauk memang I bawak kindle so that I can read it there -- sitting under the tree with salty kinda cold breeze crash upon my face and with the ray of sunset that could magically make me look like some kind of lonely bookish goddess. 

I don't know why but asal tengok laut rasa macam sesuatu gilak. Siktauk either it calms me or it makes me anxious. But I guess it did both at the same time. Selain ya seronok juak tengok orang berlari. Mun I nok berlari belum 3 minit dah I kenak ugut jantung I. You berhenti ataupun I berhenti katanyaaa. Pande oh. Ada masa kita training. Cakap nak kurus kannn. Sik buat siklah kurus. Soooo, fight the jantung or stay bambam. :') Around 7pm Z dah habis training. It's time to go homeee. Maka saya pun berangkat hendak balik. I usually will look up at the sky untuk tengok bintang or bulan. And surprisingly malam ya tersangatlah banyak bintang and I'm so happy. Plus kawasan sia a bit dark and of course the stars look brighter and sparkling dengan rancak sekali. Semestinya beta stop dan ambik gambar. Dolok I sik pande ambik gambar langit malam. Siktauk what setting I should use so that bintang ya nampak. But look at the result....

Nampak kan all the stars yang bertaburan? Thanks to facebook group Astronomi & Sains yang berik tips for night sky photography guna handphone. Senang jak rupanya. But it depends on the phone juak lah. I wish I could go stargazing for real and tengok milkyway. Ya pun boleh capture guna phone and I wanna try it. Tapi mesti ke tempat yang super gelap baruk dapat. 

These are my little joys of the day. I get to see things that make my brain release the serotonin/dopamine in me. Little things matter and thank you yang bawak saya raon. Kalau tak tidak dapat la says tengok tu bintang yang cantiks macam saya. Hahaha. Kalaulah dapat dipetik bak balit pake gantong dibilit kan bagus. But nah, impossible bruh. Tepek ajak lah bintang yang glow in the dark ya pun jadi. Till here then!

18 February 2024

I should have updated this last week, but I had to keep it draft until today due to personal laziness issues. Baruk haritok ada mood mok bukak blog. Masih ada kemalasan abadi tapi ku gagahi juak. Actually, I am confused about putting this post under Sundaze series ataupun Little Joys series. Hurm yang mana eh. Because it belongs and deserves to be in both categories. Kelak lah fikir. Kita polah karangan dolok.

I truly had an amazing Sunday for the past weeks and for the first time this year. Rasanya I will create two post lah sebab kalau I combine both Sundays, muntah hijau mek mok baca balit tok kelak. So this will be memories created on 4th February 2024. Guess what did I do? I went for a morning hike after years. Tahun bukan bulan bukan minggu bukan hari. Yes, years. It's been a while. To be honest I was that nervous to do it sebab rasa macam eh mampu ka aku buat tok. Biasalah dah tua kan, lutut pun boleh menggeletaq naa. Sik pasal-pasal kenak tunggah abam bomba kelak. Tapi simok abam bomba boroi. Maok yang sado ajak. Eheh! Tibeh!

Okay back to the story, I pergi hiking with my recently-made friend. Lets call him Z. Before that very Sunday, I made him promise me something. Disebabkan this person dah biasa doing this activity dan I pulak jenis yang jarang workout, of course lah aktiviti hiking nya akan jadi super lambat. Dengan nafasnya habis entah ke sine, dengan takut nya lagik hehe maap ya pak. Tapi serious lah apa bah polah jambatan tecik gilak (i know they had to). Kaki i sampai jem, bergegar kedak apa jak and it refused to move haha. My anxiety tak chill. Going the way down was quite scary for me sebab i takut jatuh tergolek patah kaki patah hidung while going all the way up was easy tapi semput nak mampus. But for sure I really had fun. I love being in nature cuma sik berkesempatan gilak mok polah macam tok. That's why I was very excited.

Sebelah petang pulak we had another activity. I ikut Z to Beraya' to see him flying with his friend. Sorang main paragliding sorang main hanglider. Penat aku menengok yang main glider ya. Sik kepak ke. Walaupun I cuma menengok sahaja and sik dapat feel the excitement of flying, but I'm still excited sebab dapat raon. Bukan selalu bah. That feeling exactly rasa macam kenak bawak raon oleh bapak masa kecik dolok. Cuma sik puaskan sebab yalah dah besar tok lain macam kegembiraan nya hihi.

Seduak healing di langit, I tengok seduak healing sambil jadi photographer. Ya begitulah itu. Kalau i yang fly kelak i sik fly sia ajak. Mun boleh i mok fly sampe ke benua lain. Lari and gone terus rupanya lol. This is the only place yang sesuai untuk polah the air-sport activity. It's a private place and the boys were using their own barang untuk terbang. Luckily cuaca, angin semua okay or else we all pulang dengan kehampaan. Syukur allah bagi kesempatan.

Last but not least, penutupan the amazing sunday, we had dinner dekat hurm dekat i tak ingatlah apa nama kedai ya. Dah cukup memasinkan muka ditepi laut kan mesti la lapar. 

I makan bolognese spaghetti and Z makan teriyaki chicken with rice. Overall the foods both sedap dan mengenyangkan dan menggembirakan. The kedai is so cantik dan selesa. I will update the name here once I remember it but it's somewhere located around Marina area. 

To some people mungkin I just had a casual day, nothing interesting, biashe biashe aje but to me, it did make me happy. Its the little girl in me yang gembira dibawak berjalan sebenarnya. I sanggup ambik cuti to have this day. Duit boleh dicarik, but you wont get the same opportunity twice. I simply seize the day tanpa berfikir duak tiga kali pun. Kepada yang membawa amek raon, thank you so much. Jasamu dikenang, to the moon and back. Till here then! x

06 October 2023

Hello, earthlings. The second chapter of the Little Joys series is here. This week feels like a roller coaster, really. My emotion is driving me crazy as I'm about to get my period of the month. I literally cry and am sensitive for nothing. But actually it's quite funny bah sebab macam tetiba jak nangis paduhal the next day ya mok period rupanya. It's like I got my period alarm lol. Another alarm is the migraine attack. I freaking hate it when that happens. Luckily it's not that bad. Well, despite the ups and downs, let's see the little rainbows I had for the week.

The little and simple moments of our everyday lives contain a tapestry of beauty. They serve as gentle reminders in the midst of life's chaos, providing us with solace, connection, and a profound sense of meaning. Here's to another collection of everyday magic; the little joys, that add sparkle to my days:

일. Got an early birthday gift from my stepmom; perfume and jade bangle.

이. Upgrading my phone from iPhone x to iPhone 14 Pro. I really love taking photos with my phone!

삼. Witnessing fiery sunsets and pastel skies every day since I went for after-work running.

사. Had matcha shaved ice and loaded fries topped with chicken bolognese sauce at MyKori. It's so good!

오. Clean and organized room.

육. Starting to love black coffee again.

칠. Challenged myself to another 15-minute run without stopping.

팔. Lovely amazing weather.

구. Shiba Inu cutie smiles. If I could, I would definitely adopt one!

십. Mammatus look alike cloud!

─── .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ─── 

 What are the little things that bring you joy lately?

29 September 2023

Tomas Jasovsky unsplash

Hello, loves. This is the very first episode of the Little Joys series in my blog. It takes me a while to acknowledge that these quiet miracles have brought warm fuzzies into my life and brightened my days. I realize that the content/happy feeling is not solely found in grand gestures but often resides in the tender details of our everyday existence. I admit that I always overlooked the comfort it brings to my entire life and instead of being grateful for the things given to me, I am questioning about the things that haven't happened yet. After taking some time to self-reflect, I decided to begin writing this chapter, to start counting my blessings regularly and document them so I can read them back during the sad days or whenever I feel like losing myself.

These pockets of happiness act as gentle reminders that amidst life's hustle and bustle, there exists a tapestry of beauty in the small and simple moments that provide us with comfort, connection, and a profound sense of meaning. Here's to another collection of everyday magic; the little joys, that add sparkle to my days:

일. I had a great time with my bestie.

이. Found a restaurant that serves the best lamb chop in town at a reasonable price. The meat was so tender and the gravy was tasty. Definitely will repeat it again.

삼. I began the running routine again and was finally able to break my own record for the first time ever; I managed to run for 10 minutes without stopping. Believe me, I never done that before. 

사. Bought new artificial yellow tulips and a white lily of the valley for my desk.

오. I finished reading Twisted Love by Ana Huang and am currently on a slow reading for the second sequel.

육. Of the full moon, splendid fiery sunset, and pastel skies.

칠. New blog setup. I purchased a new theme from SimplyTheStudio and super love it.

팔. Investing in a few makeup stuff and going to start learning the art of changing my look. Well, I am never into this thing and I'm happy that it finally rings.

구. Dad bought me one of my favourite fruit which is buah terap.

십. The entire day with rain brought a cool yet comfortable breeze after long hot and humid days. 

─── .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ───

What are the little things that bring you joy lately?
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