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09 March 2024

Procrastination at its best. I'm supposed to update this week ago tapi disebabkan kemalasan yang berpanjangan maka baruk haritok baruk ada bukak blog. Actually, it's not laziness. I'm using most of my free time scrolling over reels on social media macam kenak upah. Truly a waste is it? But I'm reading quotes, poetries.. but the sad one. Well, it's not that I read it because I feel sad or I wanna make myself sad but I'm just obsessed with words, beautiful words written by those talented poets. 

Back to the story, on 15th February, I followed Z to Cococabana Miri sebab dia ada training berlari. Of course I did not run. I didn't bring my shoes and I'm not in mood to do the walk walaupun jauh disudut hati I nak bakar lemak. I wish they could poooof gone just like that without having to put so much effort into it. Ya I know itu hanyalah angan angan mat jenin. Delulu is the solulu katanya. So I end up healing sorang tengok laut, termenung nun jauh tembus sampai planet pluto with myriad thoughts in my head. I lupak. Mun tauk memang I bawak kindle so that I can read it there -- sitting under the tree with salty kinda cold breeze crash upon my face and with the ray of sunset that could magically make me look like some kind of lonely bookish goddess. 

I don't know why but asal tengok laut rasa macam sesuatu gilak. Siktauk either it calms me or it makes me anxious. But I guess it did both at the same time. Selain ya seronok juak tengok orang berlari. Mun I nok berlari belum 3 minit dah I kenak ugut jantung I. You berhenti ataupun I berhenti katanyaaa. Pande oh. Ada masa kita training. Cakap nak kurus kannn. Sik buat siklah kurus. Soooo, fight the jantung or stay bambam. :') Around 7pm Z dah habis training. It's time to go homeee. Maka saya pun berangkat hendak balik. I usually will look up at the sky untuk tengok bintang or bulan. And surprisingly malam ya tersangatlah banyak bintang and I'm so happy. Plus kawasan sia a bit dark and of course the stars look brighter and sparkling dengan rancak sekali. Semestinya beta stop dan ambik gambar. Dolok I sik pande ambik gambar langit malam. Siktauk what setting I should use so that bintang ya nampak. But look at the result....

Nampak kan all the stars yang bertaburan? Thanks to facebook group Astronomi & Sains yang berik tips for night sky photography guna handphone. Senang jak rupanya. But it depends on the phone juak lah. I wish I could go stargazing for real and tengok milkyway. Ya pun boleh capture guna phone and I wanna try it. Tapi mesti ke tempat yang super gelap baruk dapat. 

These are my little joys of the day. I get to see things that make my brain release the serotonin/dopamine in me. Little things matter and thank you yang bawak saya raon. Kalau tak tidak dapat la says tengok tu bintang yang cantiks macam saya. Hahaha. Kalaulah dapat dipetik bak balit pake gantong dibilit kan bagus. But nah, impossible bruh. Tepek ajak lah bintang yang glow in the dark ya pun jadi. Till here then!

18 February 2024

I should have updated this last week, but I had to keep it draft until today due to personal laziness issues. Baruk haritok ada mood mok bukak blog. Masih ada kemalasan abadi tapi ku gagahi juak. Actually, I am confused about putting this post under Sundaze series ataupun Little Joys series. Hurm yang mana eh. Because it belongs and deserves to be in both categories. Kelak lah fikir. Kita polah karangan dolok.

I truly had an amazing Sunday for the past weeks and for the first time this year. Rasanya I will create two post lah sebab kalau I combine both Sundays, muntah hijau mek mok baca balit tok kelak. So this will be memories created on 4th February 2024. Guess what did I do? I went for a morning hike after years. Tahun bukan bulan bukan minggu bukan hari. Yes, years. It's been a while. To be honest I was that nervous to do it sebab rasa macam eh mampu ka aku buat tok. Biasalah dah tua kan, lutut pun boleh menggeletaq naa. Sik pasal-pasal kenak tunggah abam bomba kelak. Tapi simok abam bomba boroi. Maok yang sado ajak. Eheh! Tibeh!

Okay back to the story, I pergi hiking with my recently-made friend. Lets call him Z. Before that very Sunday, I made him promise me something. Disebabkan this person dah biasa doing this activity dan I pulak jenis yang jarang workout, of course lah aktiviti hiking nya akan jadi super lambat. Dengan nafasnya habis entah ke sine, dengan takut nya lagik hehe maap ya pak. Tapi serious lah apa bah polah jambatan tecik gilak (i know they had to). Kaki i sampai jem, bergegar kedak apa jak and it refused to move haha. My anxiety tak chill. Going the way down was quite scary for me sebab i takut jatuh tergolek patah kaki patah hidung while going all the way up was easy tapi semput nak mampus. But for sure I really had fun. I love being in nature cuma sik berkesempatan gilak mok polah macam tok. That's why I was very excited.

Sebelah petang pulak we had another activity. I ikut Z to Beraya' to see him flying with his friend. Sorang main paragliding sorang main hanglider. Penat aku menengok yang main glider ya. Sik kepak ke. Walaupun I cuma menengok sahaja and sik dapat feel the excitement of flying, but I'm still excited sebab dapat raon. Bukan selalu bah. That feeling exactly rasa macam kenak bawak raon oleh bapak masa kecik dolok. Cuma sik puaskan sebab yalah dah besar tok lain macam kegembiraan nya hihi.

Seduak healing di langit, I tengok seduak healing sambil jadi photographer. Ya begitulah itu. Kalau i yang fly kelak i sik fly sia ajak. Mun boleh i mok fly sampe ke benua lain. Lari and gone terus rupanya lol. This is the only place yang sesuai untuk polah the air-sport activity. It's a private place and the boys were using their own barang untuk terbang. Luckily cuaca, angin semua okay or else we all pulang dengan kehampaan. Syukur allah bagi kesempatan.

Last but not least, penutupan the amazing sunday, we had dinner dekat hurm dekat i tak ingatlah apa nama kedai ya. Dah cukup memasinkan muka ditepi laut kan mesti la lapar. 

I makan bolognese spaghetti and Z makan teriyaki chicken with rice. Overall the foods both sedap dan mengenyangkan dan menggembirakan. The kedai is so cantik dan selesa. I will update the name here once I remember it but it's somewhere located around Marina area. 

To some people mungkin I just had a casual day, nothing interesting, biashe biashe aje but to me, it did make me happy. Its the little girl in me yang gembira dibawak berjalan sebenarnya. I sanggup ambik cuti to have this day. Duit boleh dicarik, but you wont get the same opportunity twice. I simply seize the day tanpa berfikir duak tiga kali pun. Kepada yang membawa amek raon, thank you so much. Jasamu dikenang, to the moon and back. Till here then! x

26 September 2023

blog setup blogging

The weather today is extremely cozy to the point of making me wanting to lay down on my bed and wrap myself in the velvety super comfy blanket. I keep yawning endlessly! The cold breeze, the sound of the raindrops and the humming melody of the car on the wet street, damn so perfect. Living in Malaysia, the weather are mainly hot and humid all the time, so when it rains, its like winning a lottery. Everyone will be happy and gratitude feelings are thrown away like a confetti.

I am much happier with my blog setup now. The color shade, the theme itself, it's warm and feels like even more a safe place to spill my thoughts. I have made few changes especially in the categories section which is fully inspired from other blogger and I love it! Here what you can browse around if you ever stumbled upon my tiny little site.

Little Joys — Mainly focus on my gratitude list and will be update every Friday.

Serene Sunday — Let's chill and spill everything from the brain inbox before you forget kind of day.

Travel — I love travel and I gotta write where I left my footsteps for the sake of memories.

Books — Sharing session about books I have read.

Journal — Daily diarium of what I did, what I feel etc.

Musing O'Clock — The aftermath of self-reflection.

Foodgasm — Foods and foods!

Self-Care Center — Grouping everything here; haircare, skincare and any personal care stuff.

100 Tips — Sharing the tips and hacks that is tested and personally approved.

Playlist — Sometimes I forgot what is once my favourite music, thus why this section exist.

I will try my best to commit on the writing as blogging used to be one of my hobby. It has been almost 15 years since I start blogging for the first time. I never stick to one name and keep changing them severely. I named this blog 0029am; a letter to life because I often drowning in thoughts at midnight and have a trouble to sleep, and yeah, it's where the idea come from. This blog probably will be here even after 10 years and by that time I will go down memory lane to read how was my life before. The reminisce moments would definitely be priceless. Till here then!  

25 September 2023

It's Monday, the most hated day among the others. Monday isn't fair and absolute cheater. It's way too far from Friday yet Friday is very close to Monday. How is it possible? Well, it was a good day after all except that there was no sunset. The cloud is hiding it from me. I spent the evening going for a run from 6pm to 7pm and I am trying to make it a routine which I already started the previous week. 

I decided to pick up this new habit when a massive sense of guilt for eating more than I should have been haunting me. I started doing the calorie-deficit diet last December and stopped the routine in May and it has been on hiatus for almost 4 months. Damn, I have lost almost 10kg during that time and gain another 5kg now. It's very frustrating how my effort has gone to waste due to my own silly mistake. How could I say no to food when everything seems to comfort me more than anything? :')

Glad the realization kicked in fast before it's too late. I never want to go back to my previous weight so whatever it is, I really need to push myself again this time. Cutting off the endless snacks, the sugary drinks, and portioning my meals correctly. I did this before and I will do it again.

The thing that makes me happy and proud of myself today is I managed to do the circle run twice without stopping. Been pushing myself all the way till I reach the finish line. For someone quite heavy like me, running is damn exhausting and such a pain in the ass hence that little achievement is enough to make me feel content and over the moon. Yeay!

Of yellow flowers, purple flowers, pink flowers, and the waxing gibbous moon. Monday is a happy day. Till here then!

24 September 2023

que sera, sera

It's almost the end of the year and I am feeling frustrated with myself more than ever. This blog is still empty. The domain was supposed to be out in June since I am planning to completely resign from this blogging world but apparently, the domain has been renewed automatically for two freaking years by the domain hosting company that I subscribed to. I don't want to continue it actually but I guess this blog still wants me to be part of it so yeah, I will try to start writing again and turn this blog alive and not dead.

Life has been pretty good despite a few times I feel like drowning. The act of appreciating and embracing the little things around me has changed me a lot. It calms the endless chaos in my entire body and keeps my sanity intact. I love staring at the blue skies more than ever now. At the same time, I will play a little search-a-rainbow game and it levels up my dopamine whenever I spot one. It makes me realize that we actually don't need much to make our happy hormones go crazy, instead, we need to be grateful and cherish whatever is in front of us. It is the greatest source of happiness and a peaceful mind. Seek no more.

I'm turning 30 real soon which is unbelievable how fast time flies. I am wondering what the future holds for me; will it be good or will it be another bad series? I know I'm not supposed to worry about it for everything has been written for us but life kinda scares me. It's full of surprises. You don't know if you will laugh your head off or cry your heart out. But yeah, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

I will try my best to make another update soon. I have *ahem* a good feeling about it this time. Till here then, bye! 

26 April 2023

kampung lajong niah

I gotta say this time I had fun celebrating hari raya. Usually, to be honest, I don't feel anything about it all. I'm just celebrating it simply because everyone is doing so. I have my personal reason which I can't mention here but hey, selamat hari raya, everyone!

I had the chance to spend one whole day going out with Nisa and her entire family on the third hari raya. She's been my best friend since primary school and we are simply a non-biological sister for more than 10 years dah. So following the time yang ditetapkan oleh abah nisa, me and my sister went to their home around 10am, we gathered there and start our journey to Kampung Lajong Niah. Rasanya around sejam lebih juak lah perjalanan. I'm not sure sebab macam biasa as a backseat passenger, kerjanya hanyalah tidur sahaja. Plus i still have my migraine so yeah i'd rather sit quietly.

But we did stop at perumahan area sungai rait first before heading straight to Niah. The weather was dark and gloomy and it rained heavily but we managed to survive going out of the car and running into the home of Nisa pun cousin. Baruk sigek rumah dah lebur gais. Stokin basah (not mine ofc), baju basah, makeup pun menyenyeh (betul sik mek eja tok?). Makan minum makan minum chit chat dan tibalah masa untuk berangkat ke destinasi seterusnya. Guess what? I dapat angpau 2 keping uolls. Alhamdulillah still entitled to get it walaupun hakikatnya dah maok masok 3 series kekeke.

kuala sibuti sarawak

Sampai ke Kampung Lajong Niah, sambung lagik makan minum makan dan minum. We visited two houses dan kemudiannya bergerak ke Kampung Kuala Sibuti. The journey also took around one hour maybe. The place really got a genuine kampung vibe and I gotta say i love it especially bila tengok all the lampu raya yang meriah gilak. It was my first time experiencing beraya di kampung ya so I am amazed by their creativity doing the decorations. Untuk penggemar seafood especially udang galah, this place is for you. It's one of the place yang famous dengan menu udang galah. 

kampung kuala sibuti

The photo above is a piece of evidence that I didn't lie when I say their lampu raya is freaking meriah and mesmerizing. For more evidence boleh tengok sitok HERE. I suka tengok lampu and yes I super love it when it sparkles everywhere. So dekat sitok we went to few houses and seriously my tummy has reached the limit. Mabuk dah rasa minum soda dari kaler oren ke kaler gadong ke kaler kalas haih macam macam kaler lah. But I didn't get bored makan the biskut raya. One thing about hari raya is i love most of the snacks yang dihidang atas meja. Makmur tanpa kacang and popia are my favourites! Yes I am pure Sarawakian tapi says bukan penggemar kek lapis so yeah I don't eat much of it kecuali the one made of horlick. Yums!

Honestly, I had fun with them. Surprisingly few of their cousins know my dad. Jadi siklah rasa terasing gilak beraya dengan family orang lain kan kekeke. I know my gambar is buruk but what can I do, I lupak mok ambik proper photos for blog post. Til here then, selamat hari raya!
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