01 I love flowers. Sunflower, daisy and baby's breath are my favourite.
02 I love books. I buy and read them whenever I want.
03 I am a so-called perfectionist. I can't stand tuala digantung senget.
04 Not fond of insects especially the itsy bitsy spider.
05 I own two cats (read: the cat owns me) 
06 I hate my hairs and my small eyes but still grateful for them. 
07 I'm obsessed with scents & cleanliness (although sometimes I let things get messy too).
08 Lee Dong Wook and I have the same favourite ice cream which is choco-mint flavour. Yes, I meant to be his gumiho's bride.
09 I'm addicted to sad songs like I can't live without them.
10 I have these weird dreams of living in an apartment with a killer neon city view by night and a soothing countryside view by day. Where does this place exist?

My name is Aika and I am 27 years old. Welcome to 00:29am, a place for me to write and keep a love letter to life -- everything and anything in between. 

The blog categories' directory:
thoughts - obviously about my deep unspoken thoughts
daydreams - my kind of wild imaginations
lifestyle - anything personal such as life updates, diary, passion sharing, music, bodycare, skincare etc
books - book reviews & book reviews
wellness - perhaps when I found or learned something useful, I will put them under this category

Hope you enjoy your reads here! x