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Salam aidil adha. Due to this still-crazy pandemic, today hari raya can only be celebrated within family members. No cousins, no friends. But still feeling grateful for the small gathering and the meals! Now let's talk about my covid vaccine story cause this post is purposely created for that experience.

I am the last person in the family to get the vaccine shot and I am honestly anxious that my name is not being selected yet lol. When the AZ vaccine application was open for all Malaysian, we all tried our best to register our names. And my little sister, the first to get the vaccine is helping us out. But none of us were lucky as the application has been fully booked.

Even though we could not squeeze in our names, my siblings and my parents finally got their registration approved after a few days. So they all got their first AZ vaccine while I was still putting on the hope that I would get it. I kept on refreshing my MySejahtera and updating my profile yet nothing, no vaccine offer, no notification.

After a week or maybe two weeks, my friend told me to just walk into one of the vaccination facilities where her friend is working. She tried giving her my name for registration but unfortunately, it was fully booked too. Haih malang sungguh. Pun masih tak dapat. Then I got another text message from my friend asking for my personal details untuk diberikan kepada staff yang kerja dekat vaccination facility tu. And my stepmother also asking for my details to forward it to her friend yang ada kenalan di pusat vaksin tu jugak. I think the next day or perhaps after two days both of them asking me if I got a call for a vaccine shot or not. I jawab tak ada punnnn! 

But my stepmother's friend told me to just go to the vaccination facility that she mentioned cause my name has been registered. I was quite unsure since I got no phone call from them. Nanti tak pasal-pasal kena maki dan kena halau pulak. That time I was working and baju penuh tepung sebab seharian buat kuih and I got no time for a change so terus ke pusat vaksin. Bau peluh pun bau lah ~

By the time I reached there, tak ada banyak orang pun. I just walked in and follow instructions given by anggota rela yang berkerja disana. It's finally my turn! Akhirnya penantian yang ditunggu-tunggu. I've been given a pfizer vaccine and macam biasa since my family all got their AZ, silly thoughts came playing in my head. No offend but I'm kinda scared with the side effect lol. And the funny thing is I even imagined what if we will be separate based on what vaccine we got just like those in Divergent series. Scary!

Disebabkan i sorang dapat pfizer, they are all dengki with me lol. I honestly don't care what vaccine i got and i don't understand why comparing vaccine has become a big deal. Yang penting dapat vaksin kan. I will get my second dose next week and hope that everything will be fine. Dengar cerita second dose will be quite heavy. As for the first shot, I tak demam or tak ada rasa apa-apa. Just that tangan lenguh dan penat lepas kena cucuk.

So this is how I got my covid vaccine yeay. Moga kita semua dilindungi dan dijauhi dari penyakit bahaya macam covid ni. Stay safe and take care semua! x

j & j animal clinic miri
Happy Friday, everyone. My cute tenants finally get vaccinated yeay. The vet appointment supposed to be last week but since I've missed the confirmation, the time slots have been fully booked so I have to rearrange the schedule back. I'm glad they are all healthy today because being sick won't allow them to get the shots. 

The process went smooth. They don't really get cranky or whatsoever. Just meowing very sadly like menagih simpati hahaha. The veterinary checked up their body temperature first before injecting them with the vaccine. Then she proceeds with the dewormer pills. Everything took less than five minutes! 

They are now both three months and four months old. I adopted them a month ago and I could say I am really happy to have pets for the first time ever. Coming from a family with asthma genetic, my dad won't allow us to keep a kitty at home. Now that I am married, I'm lucky my husband didn't really argue with me bout sleeping with cats on the same bed.

vet miri j&j animal clinic
I'm letting them sleep in my room tonight cause I think they are all free from fungus now. Just that their fur-shedding is quite annoying but I know I have to deal with it no matter what. Look how adorable they are! Walaupun kucing biasa, I'm still gonna take care of them with full of love! Bukan kucing mahal je kena jaga baik-baik tau. I feed them with super quality kibbles and cat treats, made them a playhouse, kalau tak sayang aku memang aku hmm... Tak dapat nak denda apa sebab terlampau comel!

I hope they will not getting sick easily after getting the vaccine. Semoga sentiasa sihat ye kucing ku. Ketahuilah bahawa ommamu sudah kering. I think I spent almost one thousand on them erk. With all the foods, the medicine (sebab Miyu the calico cat flu teruks masa I adopt dia dan I terkejut the first vet I pergi, they charge me for RM110 untuk ubat flu dan antibiotic yang kuantitinya secoet je. then I forgot to put the medicine in the fridge alahai. maka terpaksalah beli baru. so I went to this second vet tempat dorang vaksin, they give me the same ubat flu dan antibiotic with check up cuma RM60 sahaja), the medicated shampoo for fungus, the fleas medicine, the toys, the pet carrier, the litter box, the pasir berak etc, gosh, I need to work hard for my tenants --- while they renting free and keep getting hungry lol.

First Dose Kitten Vaccine
Btw, I would recommend this vet for Mirian. Its the nearest to me and kinda cheap. Perhaps there's another cheaper vet but jauh so I malas. I prefer this one and my tenants already got their clinic record yeay. Senang la bila dah ada panel veterinar gitu. She's kind and friendly. Now let me share the details!

Vet Clinic: J & J Animal Clinic
Address: Lot 2062, Jalan MS1/6, Marina Square 1,, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Whatsapp: 010-982 0661
Vaccine Price: RM60 per cat
Flu Syrup & Antibiotic: RM60 (I get mine for this price. I'm not sure if it depends on the cat sickness.)

How much did you spend on your pets? And what are their names?

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's my favourite cloudy day today. Gloomy yet soothing for the soul. It was raining for a while just now and with the little harsh wind crashing through the room, it makes me kinda drowsy that I have to fight between updating my blog or pull the blanket and go to sleep. I wanna share my shopping haul in this post and I think I'm gonna make this into a blog post series (read: yeah I'm gonna spend more lol) So without further ado, let's check it out. 

shopee haul menarik
Look how cute they are! Actually, the initial plan was to grab only one thing which is the casing for my AirPods. But I end up with the other things instead. It has become a routine to me -- I will definitely check out the entire shop to see if there are other items that I need before the check out process. Apparently, the shop has some nice phone casing that is so damn cute and irresistible! The one that I'm using right now is already torn apart around both sides so yeah, why not grab a few of those pretty munchkin, right. Jangan nak rugi postage! :P

casing untuk huawei freebuds 3
Let's talk about the phone casing first. I pick both in black color cause I know the color won't change. I mean, I used to buy all the cutie casing like in pastel colour but it always ends up so dirty. I put my phone in my pocket during work or when I'm going out and every time I take it out, it was stained, sometimes due to the fabric colour and whatever exist there in my pocket.

The casing material is a hard silicone and it has full coverage that will protect the phone. Aku tak suka jenis yang tak tutup habis dekat bahagian atas dan bawah. Rasa macam ocd je tengok. That's why I love both the casing! And it's perfect without any flaws cacat cela etc. Naga pun naga lah. Biar nampak macam gengster yang penting wow gitu! The airpods casing is also perfect!

huawei freebuds 3 casing
I am using Huawei Freebuds 3 and I thought it doesn't have a casing. Luckily ada rupanya but only available in limited choices. At first I wanna take the clear case only but when I keep on scrolling the shop, I found another cute design as well. Gosh I really love that Shiba casing so much! It's cute af. The casing fits perfectly on my airpods. Tak longgar dan tak mudah tercabut. Only that it's quite struggling to take them out back especially the clear case. But overall, everything is kawaii!

Now let's see the price and the shop's name:
Cat Phone Casing - RM5.88
Dragon Phone Casing - RM7.69
Huawei Freebuds 3 Clear Protective Case - RM4.68
Huawei Freebuds 3 Shiba Protective Case - RM10.19

Shopee Shop Name: INZone. Phone Case (

I really recommended the shop. Great service from seller and items quality is also good. Go check them out cause they have so many cute items. I will definitely repurchase from them again next time.