Of Sad Songs

of sad songs

My friend once asked me, why do I love listening to sad songs? I never thought my music preference would be something questionable. I am pretty much aware of my music taste and didn't even realize there's something wrong with it. I know she didn't point out about it just to make me feel bad but it makes me think back, just why?

I've been listening to sad songs more often than before now. I even purposely search for it. Is it due to my current situation or is it because I was born a melancholic person? Or am I torturing myself, making my already-down mood become worst? 

Music 'bercelaru' will never get any rating from me. I won't even gonna listen to it. Bercelaru means there's too many background noise/sound kedak orang ngelepar eh. I hate that kind of song. Kpop is acceptable. And other than sad songs, slow-rock is also my favorite genre. But the song lyrics are still sad though.

I once stumbled upon this one posting on TikTok where the person mentioned that listening to sad songs is actually an act of self-abuse. I was like, oh damn. I didn't know that, really. I thought it's okay since it vibing well with my mood. I know it makes me feel more pathetic but I don't really care though. Sometimes at one point, I even force myself layan sad fandom on youtube. It's more depressing and I will cry more watching them cry lol. And once again, I thought its definitely okay immersing myself in that mood. But little did I know, it falls into the self-abuse category. 

People listen to music to get distracted and cheer themselves up. But it's vice versa for me. 

I don't get myself fixed but I let my already-torn self become worst instead.

These are the playlist that I currently put on repeat mode.

1. Xiao Zhang (I've read the lyric translation so yeah its legit to vibe with it)

2. Penjaga Hati - Ari Lasso

3. My Old Story - IU

4. Lovely by Billie Ellish

5. Bury My Heart - Peter Gundry

6. Pedih - Last Child

7. Inner Demons - Julia Brennan

8. Empty Notes - Ghostly Kisses


  1. "Listening to sad songs is actually an act of self-abuse. Wow this is my first time having encountered such words.

    How do I say this? I think that is not entirely wrong. It's okay to listen to them but not until you're harming you mental health.

    I've been there and I feel you. There were times when I played only sad song and kinda lost into it. I was really lost and I didn't realized that I was lost. It feels super depressing and kinda stressing me out.

    I hope you'll feel better. No rush, take your time to heal. you can do this. Just remember, that you're not alone. Take care okay.

    1. Sometimes it feels tiring so i tune in into another catchy songs. But most of the times i just let myself lost with the vibes. Thank you for your kind words. <3

  2. wow that's pretty strong words..i won't say self-abused..more to low self esteem perhaps?

    1. Some would encountered it different ways. I never thought it would be some sort of self-abused. I used to think it just an act of a sad person feeding her sad moods.